YTONG W flat block
This block is a standard product which is produced in various sizes, formats and bulk densities. The outstanding thermal insulation by air trapped in millions of minute pores is a characteristic feature. The requirements imposed by the German regulation on energy conservation (EnEV) are easily met with a thermal insulation value of up to lambda 0.09 W/(mK). Other properties of this material include the high load-bearing capacity of solid blocks with a robust supporting frame to bear loads from all sides, as well as outstanding protection against fire. YTONG flat blocks can be used for fire walls. Pockets cut into the block allow these blocks to be laid ergonomically, as well as quickly and easily on a thin mortar bed thanks to large formats with tongue and groove. Blocks can easily be cut to the required size with a saw. Further advantages: YTONG flat blocks provide an ideal base for attachment without cavities, permit optimum surface treatment through homogeneous, level wall surfaces and good noise protection. YTONG aerated concrete is made from natural raw materials – sand, lime, cement, water and a small amount of sponging agent (powdered aluminium).

YTONG flat building board
Solid partition walls with little own weight can be erected quickly and easily using YTONG flat building board. The YTONG flat building board is similarly characterised by outstanding protection against fire and also by good noise protection due to the advantageous pore structure. Handy large formats are easily processed using thin mortar beds. Blocks can simply be cut to fit with a saw. Homogeneous, level walls permit optimum surface treatment of the flat building boards, which simultaneously provide an ideal base for attachment without cavities.

YTONG System W wall element
YTONG System W wall elements are very large with lengths of more than 7 metres. Their width and height depend on the purpose for which the wall elements are used. These wall elements allow the building work to proceed very rapidly with little personnel required. Planning of the buildings is based on optimised parts using the planning grid for System wall elements, thus reducing the risk of potential building errors. The physical building properties of the wall elements correspond with those of the tried-and-tested YTONG flat block.

YTONG Jumbo W flat elements
Our Jumbo flat elements are used for load-bearing and non-load-bearing external and internal walls, reinforcing walls, basement walls and infill walls. These flat elements are also available in various formats. All are characterised by the typical YTONG properties, such as excellent thermal insulation and outstanding protection against fire. The flat elements provide an ideal base for attachment without cavities and permit rapid processing with thin-bed mortar. A mini-crane is useful for erection. Homogenous, level wall surfaces with few joints permit optimum surface treatment.

YTONG W ceiling board
Reinforced YTONG ceiling boards have proved ideal for basement ceilings and intermediate ceilings in single-family, duplex and terraced houses. They are laid quickly and simply with the aid of a crane. With no complex or time-consuming formwork required, the YTONG floor can immediately be subjected to loads and walked over, thus guaranteeing rapid progress in building work. The ceiling boards are non-flammable and suitable for all types of flooring. Even solid roofs can be produced with these ceiling boards. YTONG ceiling boards come in standard lengths of 6 metres, but lengths of up to 8 metres are also possible. The ceiling boards are available in widths of 62.3 cm and more, as well as in a thickness of 20 cm or more.

YTONG W roof boards
If the roof space is to be used for living purposes, the YTONG solid roof is of decisive advantage by ensuring a balanced room climate. Particularly the statutory requirement for wind-tightness imposed by the German EnEv regulation can easily be met with this material. YTONG roof and ceiling boards can be laid directly from the truck on the prepared masonry. This is possible up to a roof angle of < 15. The roof boards for roofs sloping at an angle of more than 15 are fitted with transport anchors. The roof boards of reinforced aerated concrete come in standard lengths of 6 metres, but lengths of up to 8 metres are also possible. The roof boards are available in widths of 62.3 cm and more, as well as in a thickness of 20 cm or more.

YTONG U-block
YTONG U-blocks are formwork blocks for efficient production of concrete joists, lintels and stiffeners, etc. Edge formwork is not necessary when using these U-blocks; all they need is a continuous substructure of planks or boards. Additional local support is only necessary when spanning openings more than 1.25 m wide. YTONG U-blocks are laid quickly and easily in a thin mortar bed. They can easily be cut to any required length.

YTONG W lintel
Reinforced YTONG lintels are available to span openings in load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. The YTONG W lintel (load-bearing) is characterised by its high load-bearing capacity. Formwork is not needed. The lintel is laid quickly and easily in a thin mortar bed and can immediately be subjected to loads. Supports are not required. There is no need to change materials when finishing the surface, since the same plaster base is involved. The YTONG W lintel (non-load-bearing) is used in non-load-bearing walls. It too does not require a support and the bricklaying work can continue directly.

Calcium-silicate bricks
Calcium-silicate bricks are made from lime, sand and water. Due to their high bulk density, these bricks are real soundproofing bricks, even when used in thin walls. Precise block dimensions and plane surfaces greatly facilitate the brick-laying work. Slender walls of solid calcium-silicate bricks can support extremely high loads. Due to the bricks' high mechanical strength, each calcium silicate block can bear between 40 and 100 tonnes. Virtually no other building material can be used to produce slender, heavy-duty walls so cost-efficiently. Moreover, highly insulated external walls of calcium silicate bricks ensure a constant pleasant atmosphere in which to live. XELLA is the world's leading manufacturer of calcium silicate bricks in a whole variety of sizes and formats for all manner of load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls.

Calcium-silicate building boards
Building boards of calcium silicate give walls high intrinsic stability from the very first moment. The boards' small wall thickness of 7 cm or 10 cm creates additional space for living or other purposes. The boards with tongue-and-groove system are laid in a thin mortar bed. Plane wall surfaces permit application of thin plaster layers. Tiles can be affixed directly to the wall surface on a thin mortar bed. Calcium-silicate building boards can be used for internal and external walls, and it goes without saying that these building boards provide the same soundproofing effect as calcium silicate bricks.

KS-Quadro is an octametric masonry system (12.5 cm) with many economic advantages, for instance by speeding up the building work and increasing the useful area available for living and other purposes by between 5% and 7% due to the slender, extremely strong walls (compression strength 20 N/mm_, bulk density 2.0 kg/dm_). The work process is greatly facilitated by the KS-Quadro laying technique and tools optimally adapted to the material. This permits flexibility in assigning jobs on the building site and allows walls to be erected by just one person. KS-Quadro and the use of thin-bed mortar produce absolutely plane and perfectly aligned walls which are outstandingly suitable for application of thin plaster layers. Application of such thin plaster layers leads to considerable savings as compared with conventional indoor plaster renderings and reduces the level of moisture in the building. It dries more rapidly and can be wallpapered after only two days.

Calcium-silicate U-blocks
U-blocks of calcium silicate can be used for a whole variety of purposes and particularly for sloping roofs with jamb wall. They ideally round off the range of calcium silicate building systems. They are also economical to use, as costly formwork and grouting of cross joints in coated masonry are no longer required.

Flat calcium silicate lintels
Our lintels are the ideal, logical and time-saving complement for openings in walls built with calcium silicate systems. They ensure that the vertical loads applied by masonry and/or reinforced concrete floors resting on the walls and openings are reliably diverted into the load-bearing walls. Flat calcium silicate lintels take over a load-bearing function in internal walls and in the internal masonry layer of double-layer external walls.

Through the production of wall building sets for specific projects directly in the calcium silicate blocks factory, the KS-PLUS system permits planning freedom without being bound by grid dimensions. The use of KS-PLUS creates up to 7% more space for living and other purposes thanks to slender KS-PLUS wall structures capable of bearing high loads. Reliable execution of the work is ensured by laying diagrams, the supply of complete wall building sets and on-site instruction by our staff if required. All the parts supplied are also used for building. There is no need to saw or cut to size on site. High dimensional accuracy means that plane walls can easily be produced with high quality. Thin plaster layers can be applied to these walls, thus significantly reducing the amount of moisture in the building. Advantageous working-time values reduce labour costs by up to 50% as compared with conventional masonry work. Up to 0.625 m_ of masonry are moved in one stroke. The building work visibly proceeds more rapidly, resulting in shorter overall building times and correspondingly shorter financing periods.